Power Backup: Backup Generator VS UPS

The Philippines is no stranger to power failures and the requirement for a backup power is now a necessity. If you are a company that relies on computers to carry out tasks or a typical home with machines that needs to be powered when the power goes out, then investing on a power backup should be included in your list.

Two backup powers you could invest on are backup generators and uninterruptible power supply. However, which is which and what works best for your needs?

Power Backup: Backup Generator VS UPS

Backup Generator

A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to power an external circuit.

A backup generator is powered by propane; gasoline, diesel which could range in size having small ones to power one to two items and larges ones to power an entire factory or warehouse.

Once the power is out, a lag time of 30 seconds is to be expected but still depends on its configuration. Generators could cause air and noise pollution. Though the machine is simple and all, contractor inspection from time to time is required.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A continual power system that provides power to inputted sources when the main power fails.

An uninterruptible power supply is powered by currently flowing power. The charged-up battery could be used when the power is out, no lag time just smoothly flowing power enough to save files and properly shut down your computers to powering an entire building depending on its size and battery.

The device is known to work without emitting noise good for personal use.


If you are about to buy a power back up for home, it is good to note that portable small UPS can only power computers and appliances that do not take much power. While backup generators could power higher voltage appliances such as TVs, refrigerators.

Both power generators have its advantages and disadvantages be sure to know which works best for your needs and invest in the right machine.


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