3 Signs that You Need New Floor Tiles for your Home

Admit it; we all have repairs and we’ll try to let a flaw slip in our homes as long as it “it still works”. But regardless of the reason, if it’s broken, it has to be fixed and that truth goes for floor tiles, too. If you’re still wondering if you need the latest floor tiles to replace your current ones, have a look at this list and see if your flooring is up for a change for the better.

Weight & Water Damage

Image source: homeguides.sfgate.com (Replacing Kitchen Sink Tiles)

There is one thing that is telling of weight or water damage: cracks. And there are only 2 areas where you might find them: on the floors and probably on the ceiling. You know that you need to replace your floor tiles if you see big cracks on it.

Small cracks can be repaired easily and would mostly be because of minor accidents. Big cracks that go on for more than 3-4 tiles might mean that there’s significant damage underneath the floor.

If you see that there are cracks in the ceiling, there’s leaking, or if the wooden boards are starting to warp, there might be floor damage on the are right above it. Check it out so you can do the necessary repairs and replacement.

Outdated Design

Style and trend might seem like very minor things when it comes to home but you won’t be saying that when you overhear you, guests, talking to themselves about your tacky choice of color or your outdated sense of aesthetic.

Replace your old one with the latest floor tiles—you would just be having your guests enjoy more stylish and comfortable flooring, you’d also feel good about a well-kempt home yourself. You can browse through hundreds of tile designs you like from places like Floor Center where you can also get a feel for the tile instead of just looking at them online.

Mold & Embedded Dirt

Image source: hgtv.com (How to Remove Black Mold)

This last entry on our list isn’t just a matter of looking clean, new, or stylish. Mold and other embedded dirt like pet waste, blood, and others bodily fluids that seeped through the cracks could seem innocuous at first but not until it breeds other dangerous molds, harmful fungi, or turns to rot.

Especially if you’re just buying a house, check to see if the accumulation has begun and work to resolve the issue quickly.

Buying the latest floor tiles and turning your floor anew shouldn’t just be a matter of making repairs to your house. It could be a way to spruce your space up or even keep your family safe.


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