Construction Services to See Bigger Demand in the Philippines this 2018

There is a big incoming demand for construction materials like cement, bars, and unglazed ceramic tiles with the upcoming surge of numerous construction projects in and out of Metro Manila both on a commercial scale as well as in real estate development.

When we think of offices, we think of high walls, full glass windows, glossy tiled floors and carpeted interiors which is to say that with the expected turnover of at least 4 office spaces in all over the country (PPC One Estate, Antel Global Corporate Center, Aspire Corporate Plaza in Metro Manila, Skynora Corporation in Davao) as well as a number of commercial centers for retail (AboitizLand in Batangas, SM Center Pulilan in Bulacan) and leisure (Base Line Prestige in Cebu, Manila Prince Argyl Hotel in Manila), there is also the necessary rise in demand for construction and heavy machinery supplies & services.




Also, for 2018, the outlook on housing is just as promising. Even with the previous 1st Quarter prediction that real estate will only get more expensive as the previous year progresses, come October, prices have dropped by an average of 4% in provinces outside of Metro Manila.

Though the capital city is seeing a rise in housing prices due to the development of many vertical home spaces, everywhere else, the price both of lots and house & lots, continually become easier to avail which spells big for companies like FC Tile Depot or Floor Center to maximize in providing home construction materials like colored roofing or unglazed ceramic floor or wall tiles. This capitalization should be given better focus because DIY home improvement, renovation, and even peripheral constructions are even easier to carry out than before.

Even if the market divided into big businesses and personal residential real estates, there is a big advantage into marketing domestic construction peripherals like colored roofing, sliding windows, and unglazed ceramic tiles, since we’re going to be expecting a nice amount of the Philippine domestic market to be more prone to carrying out their own home renovations.


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