7 of The Trendiest Floor Tiles You Should Look Out for in 2018

If you’re planning a house project this coming year, you can invest in getting those old floors refurbished. If you are in need of ideas, you can browse thru this list to get an inspiration or two.


Image source: https://www.msistone.com

Bricks have been a flooring staple even during the early civilizations so it’s no surprise that it’s still included in the trendy list. These are the kinds of tiles that will not simply go away. It’s durable, and it even looks better over time. The weathered look gives a natural and earthy vibe to any dirty kitchens or laundry rooms, or any room that experiences the wear and tear of everyday activities.

Large Hexagon Tiles

Image source: http://bossycolor.com

A concentric design that makes any space pop with texture and shapes probably best describes what hexagon tiles can do for you. This type of flooring is most ideal in art rooms with neutral walls. If you want your room to give a statement, this is the one you’re looking for.

Penny Tiles

Image source: http://www.expoluzrd.com

Bathroom tiles may be often overlooked but if you use penny tiles to adorn your floor with, they wouldn’t be left unnoticed. Though this may cost a lot more than ordinary bathroom tiles, the investment is well worth it. Penny floors deliver durability, creativity, and individuality which can be installed almost anywhere—from bathrooms to dining areas.

Colored Glazed Tiles

Image source: http://bit.ly/2hL59LA

If we’re talking about boldness and creativity, colored tiles serve as their perfect embodiment. Spice up your home and add a unique quality to dull spaces. This is great for outdoor scenes to perfectly match nature’s beauty.


Image source: http://houseofphy.com

More and more homebuyers are choosing parquet as their floor tiles because they have a classic look and they exude in charm and character. Aside from these, wood is resistant to stains, spills and it can easily be maintained. Just make sure to regularly clean it with a microfiber mop.

Being arranged in a geometric pattern, parquet tiles have that timeless, but at the same time, contemporary feel to it. These are best installed in living rooms and bedrooms.


Image source: Facebook / Ceramica

Ahhh, the beautiful matte finish. Just like the parquet tiles, matte also brings together the traditional and modern look. If you want a more modern atmosphere, use darker shades like gray or black. This would be best utilized in bathrooms and living areas.


Image source: homeportfolio.com

No one can deny its aesthetics. Terrazzo is a flooring material traditionally made by exposing marble chips on the surface of concrete and then polishing until smooth. Word of caution though: because of its smooth finish, this may cause the floors to be slippery so take extra caution when installing them on laundry rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Aside from its functional uses, floor tiles set your house’s look & feel. So before 7 ends, make sure that your tiles are up and ready to welcome the New Year.


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