5 Perfect Gifts for Watch Lovers These Holidays

Looking for the perfect gift for your watch loving boo these holidays? Being the timepiece nerd he is, he probably has already bought wholesale watches in UK, and you’ve been wondering what else to give. But don’t worry because there are a lot more options to please him other than a tick-tocking machine, and here are some of them.

Watch Strap

Charminer Men’s Army Military Nylon Fabric Canvas

Watch straps come in many variations, including colour, size, texture and style. You can go for bright coloured or mute ones. You can opt for leather or fabric, and they even have watchbands for guys in the army like the ones pictured above. With so many options, you’ll never run out of ideas and even give different straps for every occasion.

Pick a watch strap of your choice here. Don’t forget to buy a spring bar pin remover, too.

Watch Roll

Autoark AW-006 Leatherette Roll Traveller’s Watch Storage Organizer

Did your boo purchased three watches from wholesale sellers in UK? Don’t worry because a watch roll gift should come in handy. If he is someone who’s fond of switching watches during the length of a business trip, this portable storage organizer should keep his timepieces safe while hitting the road.

Secure one of these handy storages on this link.

Watch Case Opener

BABAN Watch Back Case Battery Cover Opener

If your man loves fiddling with his watch, then a case opener should be the best gift for him these holidays. A true watch junkie doesn’t only care about aesthetics; he’s also into the craftsmanship of his timepiece. A watch case opener is perfect for changing batteries, playing with old watches or simply admiring the mechanics of his precious ticking machine.

Choose from a wide array of case openers here.

Loupe System

Loupe – Black Silicone Rubber

To admire the craftsmanship of his watch even better, your boo also deserves to own a loupe system. Your man will surely be fascinated with the loupe’s magnification system, allowing him to view clearer the tiny pieces of the machine that make up his favourite timepieces.

Get your boo his own loupe system from this link.

Loupe System Phone Mount

Accessory – Mount – iPhone

(Accessory – Mount – iPhone)

For your boo who’s into photography, this loupe system phone mount won’t only let him admire the mechanics of his watch alone but also for his friends to see. He can show amazing macro images and videos of how his clock works, and hopefully, meet other friends who are into the same geekdom.

Preorder a loupe system phone mount here.

With the gift ideas above, you never have to worry about what gift you should give your watch lover boo these holidays. All these should match perfectly the wholesale watches he bought in UK.


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