3 Things to Know Before Starting Anti Dandruff Treatment

One of the best well-known hair afflictions is dandruff especially because there are a lot of commercial efforts put into advertising anti dandruff treatment in the form of special shampoos, conditioners and hair therapies. Despite the fact that dandruff is so widely known, we aren’t very well aware of a lot of things that surround the condition. These conditions might seem like minor details but in the end, they might just be the keys to making your hair dandruff free.

Here are three things you need to know before trying to treat your dandruff.


Bad Hygiene

Generally, the consensus is that you should shampoo your hair only every other day as the chemicals that are present in shampoos tend to be very strong—maybe enough to irritate and damage the scalp. While it is true that there are chemicals that, in excess, may damage your hair, how often you should wash your hair varies from person to person. You want to keep a healthy amount of natural oils present on your scalp and at the same time, be able to wash out excess oils as well as dirt and other elements.

Washing your hair daily is ok especially if you have a very oily scalp. Washing every other day is also prescribed but longer periods of not shampooing could do more harm to your scalp than good.



What you eat impacts your overall health which also includes—surprise!—your scalp’s health. One of the factors that contribute to dandruff production is hyper active sebaceous glands from which sebum is produced. The excess of which creates the perfect environment for the Malassezia, the fungus that causes dandruff, to thrive.

If you are suffering from dandruff, why not start by consuming less trans and saturated fats? Try to eat good monounsaturated fats because not only will it lessen your production of sebum, as an anti dandruff preventive treatment, it will also help your cardiovascular system and the better you blood runs, the better your body runs, and that includes how better your hair will grow!



It’s the number 1 enemy of the modern person: stress. Not only does stress you out, it produces an enzyme called cortisol. In modest amount, this natural chemical is helpful for your body as it helps you concentrate, regulates blood flow, and boosts metabolism—it’s the chemical that helps you manage stress. However, cortisol in excess causes a lot of problems to the body that is why too much stress can make any healthy person sick and any sick person worse, and the same can be said for dandruff and other skin conditions.

With these three points in mind, there could be a way to reduce your dandruff as we speak. Just getting your stress under control, eating right, and keeping yourself clean is anti dandruff treatments in themselves that could be great complimentary lifestyle changes to other natural anti dandruff methods.



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