6 Advantages of Booking at Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

If you’re planning to stay in the USA for more than a couple of days, vacation rental homes prove to be a wiser choice than hotels. These short-term rentals may not offer the luxury of hotels but it easily beats its accommodation counterpart in the following ways.

Image source: http://www.egetinnz.com

Bigger space

According to VRBO, the average vacation rental measures to 1,850 square feet which is almost 6x bigger than your average hotel, with 355 square feet. This huge space features a kitchenette and sometimes fitness facilities and indoor pools that vacationers can utilize and enjoy.


Lower price

Vacation rental homes almost always come more affordable than hotels. For instance, the average nightly rate for vacation rentals in New York City, USA amounts to $219.28 while hotels charge vacationers $350.00. In addition, there are no hidden costs in booking vacation homes as you pay upfront with the owner. All these and factoring in the cost of living, you’ll get the full value of what you paid for.



Hotels are generally a crowded place to stay and unwind. Relaxing can be hard when there’s only thin walls separating guests apart. Finding peace can be difficult when maids come and go to clean the room. Leisure time can be annoying when pools get crowded. On the contrary, short-term rentals are often located in secluded neighborhoods, offering the privacy vacationers seek that hotels lack.


More flexibility

Hotels impose schedules that can get in the way of your relaxation. For example, mealtime schedules may force you to get out of bed and disrupt your sleep. Housekeeping schedules can get on your nerves especially when you just want to be alone in your room and relax. But with vacation homes, schedules are more flexible and you can do your thing at your own pace.


Pets are welcome

Bringing your pets is always a hassle in hotels. Only a few offer a place for your furry friends, and more often than not, they take up more of your budget than what you should really be paying for. This is where vacation homes come in handy as most of these accommodations accept pets in their abode.



Vacation homes are your home away from home. It gives you the comfort of a true home, unlike in the four corners of a hotel room. On top of it all, these accommodation rentals are custom-fit to host families, especially kids, with complete amenities you’d find in a home. From kitchen to laundry facilities and even entertainment equipment such as game consoles, vacation rentals offer a full package for vacationers like you.

With bigger space, privacy, flexibility and family-friendly offerings, vacation rental homes are the obvious choice if you’re flying to the USA for more than a couple of days with your family. Best of all, you can enjoy all these amenities at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Book an accommodation rental and get the best vacation of your life with your loved ones today.




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