8 Facts to blow your mind about Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS )are known to provide a sufficient power to enable users to be given enough time to save and shut down their computers when the power is out.

Make your knowledge about UPS be filled with facts with these 10 facts about uninterruptible power supplies:

facts about ups

1. John Hanley patented the first UPS
He then calls it as “Apparatus For Maintaining An Unfailing and Uninterrupted Supply of Electrical Energy”. Imagine turning it into an acronym and memorizing it, Woah, effort! Good thing, things are much easier and it is named as what it is called now.

2. UPS’ short life span
The main cause of the short life span of UPS is due to their location. Usually, it is placed behind the desktop where we rarely look and only look when things go wrong so the short life span is no surprise.

3. Noiseless backup
As compared to other power generating machinery like a generator, a UPS does not make any noise which is an ideal gadget to help your PC from power surges or failures.

4. Rotary designs UPS
In the older days, uninterruptible power supplies were designed in rotary where it is created in rotational mechanisms or what was called as flywheels which then help in providing short intervals of backup power.

5. Choice of alarm
A UPS lets you have the ability to set alarms when errors occur.

UPS has three (3) types:

6. Online Double-Conversion UPS
There are most expensive there is yet the most reliable. Switching power will be diminished due to its capability of being directly plugged on the inverter making transfers much easier.

7. Offline-Standby UPS
Due to its affordability, it is much preferred in homes and has the ability to protect your PC from surges as well as provide back up when the power goes out.

8. Line-Interactive UPS
Same basic features but offers better functionalities than those offered by an offline.

It should be a must to be protected from power failures through installing an uninterruptible power supply in the Philippines and make your PCs last longer.




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