5 Home Appliances that can be Safely Plugged into an Uninterruptible Power Supply here in the Philippines

Power surges, black outs and brownouts are matters that involve the use of a UPS. Electronics are the usual items that make use of this system. There are, however, electronics that, as much as possible, shouldn’t be plugged into an uninterruptible power supply. Why? They require a more powerful device such as a power generator. Printers, refrigerators, and microwave ovens are just some of the devices that shouldn’t be plugged into the device. There are certain devices that are more suitable to power these up.

Here’s a list of suitable devices that can be used with a UPS in case of emergency:



Image source: efdreams.com

The main purpose of an uninterruptible power supply is to protect your electronics. Your computer, for example, is one of the common electronics that is saved by UPS. The power goes out? No worries. It serves as a ‘power fall back’ that would even protect your files from corruption. You have UPS to thank for that.


Wi-Fi router

Image source: bit.ly/2ejAyF0

If you urgently need to finish something that needs the use of the internet, you can plug your Wi-Fi router into your UPS device. Wi-Fi routers are the doors to access the internet. You’re definitely going to need the magic of internet to pass the time during a brownout/blackout.


Cordless phone

Image source: free.clipartof.com

A cordless phone without electricity is useless. The telephone is a very important invention that made global communication possible. During times of crisis, a telephone may come in handy because it is an instantaneous mode of communication. If your phone’s out of juice, your cordless telephone can save you from communication mishaps if it’s connected to an uninterruptable power supply. Important emergency hotlines can also be accessed thru your phone. The most important question is: how are you going to order pizza if you don’t have your telephone on?



Image source: real.com

Plugging in the radio in these times of crisis is a smart move because it’s a way to get you connected with what’s happening. You’re probably asking, ‘why should I own a radio in the 21st century?’ Radio broadcasts provide real-time and reliable information for 24 hours a day. If ever the internet access is blocked and phone lines are cut, do not lose hope. Your radio’s got you covered.


Plasma and LCD Televisions

Image source: homeneeds.sulekha.com

One thing that UPS provides is protection from motor burnouts. Electric motor burnouts result from power surges and power surges are commonly caused by lightning or interrupted flow of electricity. This could result to damage. Don’t you fret. Your UPS system can manage that for you. UPS regulates and serves as a protection from unexpected power surges.

Keep in mind that uninterruptible power supply systems’ function should not be taken for granted. Instead of spending it on a 1 hour session of World of Warcraft, try shutting down your electronics properly first.


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