5 Precautionary Measures for Condo Owners

Whether it is for rent or sale, condos in Greenhills, Makati or anywhere else have this distinct feature: common areas. It refers to the parts of the condominium building you share with your fellow tenants such as elevators, halls, lobbies, gardens, swimming pools and gym. It could be a way of creating a community through sharing despite of being “confined” in a unit. However, this sharing system has a major drawback. It poses risk on the safety of its dwellers.

One of the reasons condo in Greenhills for sale can lure buyers is the ‘worry-free’ mentality. You don’t have to worry about trimming the lawn, repairing a broken faucet or roof maintenance. This type of environment inside a condo turns tenants somehow carefree but this should not be the case. Here are the basic condo safety tips:

Change all the locks

Before you move in, make sure you’ve changed all the locks starting from the front door to the balcony (if you have one). Is your unit with windows? Install safety locks or latches on it. Better yet, if the HOA (Homeowners’ Association) officers permit, install grills that can be removed from the inside in case of fire.

Know thy neighbors

Although you rent a condo in Greenhills for privacy concerns, it can be helpful if you get friendly with your neighbors. The cheapest alarm system you can have is the protection from those around you. They can immediately notify authorities when they sense something is “off” inside your unit. However, you and the rest of the tenants on your hallway must be on the same page regarding the safety of each other.

The peephole

We don’t need to explain to you the importance of having one. A peephole on your front door is a must. Don’t rely only on safety chain. This is one of the things you must check before you purchase a unit. Doesn’t your chosen unit have peephole? Ask the HOA officers if you can install a peephole before signing the dotted line.

The emergency plan

A commercial or residential building has emergency plan posted on each of its floors. Make time to memorize it or take a picture of it. This will come in handy in time of emergencies. Also familiarize yourself where the fire extinguishers and glass break alarm on your hallway are.

Participate on emergency drills

Never take emergency drills for granted even if it requires an hour or so of your precious time. In high-rise structures like condos, you must be prepared when an earthquake, for instance, happens. Don’t have an earthquake drill? Attend the next HOA meeting and bring up this concern to the officials. It might be helpful if you have ready suggestions in mind.

A condo unit alone costs more than a couple million and we’re not yet talking about the miscellaneous you must endure on a monthly basis yet. This property can’t be taken away in a snap but not the life of the occupants and valuables inside. To prevent these from happening, follow the precautionary measures above to safeguard your condo for sale or for rent in Greenhills.


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