7 Functional Tips for Every Logistics Company in the Philippines

Logistics has been present for 5,000 years now. From transporting materials during the time of the ancient pyramids of Egypt to monitoring the intricate system of supply chain management in today’s e-powered world, logistics has been a vital part of globalization. The evolution of the process has been successful.  In order to maintain the eminence of your logistics company, here are 7 tips:

When it comes to planning

One of the most basic tips that you should know is the efficacy of your manpower. According to logistics expert Rick Blasgen, hiring an experienced logistician is a great way to plan for your business. Someone who knows every twist and turn in the system and someone who is financially adept must lead your business.

Making communication lines clear

Miscommunication can lead to unnecessary expenses as it poses confusion, mistakes, and accidents. The first thing to put in mind is to understand your audience. Awareness of your audience’s nuances in language is also an important part of bridging any cultural gaps.

Minimizing Freight Cost

There are often overlooked costs when shipping. Careful planning and monitoring of the supply chain can lessen your costs. According to Cerasis, discounts, add on fees, accessorials, mode and routes, and common errors are just some factors that affect your freight cost. Analyzing discount rates is crucial. Don’t let the numbers fool you. Accessorials, or additional services, on the other hand, may present add on fees in freight auditing. The right mode and route come a long way when it comes to logistics. This relates both to your soft and hard cost savings. Even common errors such as encoding the wrong data entry or address can get you in trouble. The best way is to use technology to avoid making manual mistakes.

Social Media as a Source of Empowerment

Speaking of technology, social media has been a powerful tool not only in disseminating information but also in campaigning for businesses. Most of the today’s businesses are on social media because it presents a number of opportunities for your company. It’s best for your logistics company to be a part of this sphere or else your competitors may decimate you. One way of learning the supply and demand of the market is through social media. It also offers an interactive connection which makes a more ‘attached’ audience.

Choosing the Right Packaging

There are certain requirements in packaging that every logistics company in the Philippines must follow. Volatile, hazardous and high-end materials must be placed in a special packaging to avoid contamination.  Going green is also an important consideration in packaging.  It doesn’t only reduce the production of greenhouses gasses but it also lessens transportation and warehousing costs.  Plus, it attracts consumers because many shoppers are leaning towards an environment-friendly package over a conventional one.

Being aware of shipment damage

Shipment damage is something that cannot be avoided but reducing it is entirely possible. Shipment damage doesn’t only impair the shipments but it can also compromise your relationship with your shipping partners. The shipment’s label and packaging play a huge role in reducing the risk of damage. Again, the shipment must be in suitable containers. Appropriate labeling is also an important function in the precise delivery of shipments.

Undergoing Supply Chain Efficiency

An efficient supply chain means having your internal affairs in order. A productive supply chain utilizes its resources in the best way possible. This includes financial, human and technological resources. A well-managed and well-thought-out processing unit is what makes your supply chain efficient provided that you follow some technical steps.

These are just some of many other tips in making your logistics company in the Philippines a well-founded firm. As said by philosopher Sun Tzu, “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.”

This article is brought to you by Metro Combined, a logistics company situated in the Philippines ready to assist you with your forwarding needs whether by land, sea, and even air.


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